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Tightening treatment

Tightening treatment

There are different options for tightening treatment. People usually have these problem of sagging jowls or turkey neck due to age issue but now a days there are treatment which helps you with different ways. Tightening the facial skin can be done by many ways like eating healthy food, using creams which firms your skin, doing facial exercise, using facial mask or you can even opt for thermage treatment.

Tightening facial Treatment through creams

Skin tightening treatment through creams that contains glycolic acid or salicylic acid which has a better result. It occurs due to no collagen but you can assist your skin to produce lots of collagen through skin tightening creams which has powerful antioxidants and they also have such ingredients which fixes the skin. Raas aesthetic are prepared to manufacture more collagen even though collagen does not assist creepy skin to bounce back. It supports the skin from drooping and it is less apparent.

Facial exercises

Facial exercise is just a normal muscle exercise which tightens your skin and tones all the muscles in your face and makes you look younger. Mainly, the base of the skin is formed  by the muscles of the face and if the muscles goes the skin also goes over them which means the facial muscles is losing the tone it also follow suit and droop.

Thermage treatment

A Thermage treatment is safe, non-invasive, radiofrequency cosmetic procedure which is proven clinically to help and improve smooth skin for an overall younger looking appearance. At Raas aesthetic we offer you non-surgical radiofrequency skin procedure which aims to have a smooth skin and makes skin more rigid and it will reduce the emergence of wrinkles by stimulating of collagen. The treatment offered is with high density radiofrequency and a permanent effect and it is the most recognized technology and it offers the sustainable anti-aging effect.

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