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Stem Cell Transplant

Stem Cell Transplant

Stem cell transplant is a medical treatment for hair; a hair stem cell transplant is a medical procedure to stimulate the hair regrowth. It is also known as HASCI technique that does not eliminate the whole hair follicle. Stem cell transplant is a painless treatment that involves no scarring. Manifold transplant is achieved in a single donor area. The only part that hold stem cells and hair follicle is eliminated and the left over hair and relocated stem cells are stimulated into new hair development within some weeks, with the similar quality of hair, like existing hair.

Each hair follicle is made of different areas, which includes hair stem cells. In hair stem cell transplantation method there is no necessity to extract the whole hair follicle, only a part of hair follicle is required for the production of new hair. There is an ideal condition in which stem cells transplant method is used to produce two follicles from one follicle to create the hair growth.

At Raas Aesthetic, the hair stem cell transplant method offers plenty of benefits when compared to the traditional one. It involves no sedatives before the treatment. There are no stiches or pain involved during the treatment. The loss of hair is limited in the donor area, as it grows again within some weeks, so it can be used again in future treatment. The recovery period of the treatment is less when it is compared to other treatment.

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