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PRP Treatment

PRP Treatment

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a therapy for hair loss treatment that involves extracting the own blood of the patient, meting it out, so that only the developed cells can stay behind and entails it into the scalp. This treatment consists of necessary proteins that kindle the natural hair growth. Platelet Rich Plasma is a 100% natural autologous therapeutic practice for skin, scalp and hair encouragement.

Human blood contains mesenchyme stem cells and autologous blood substances, which contain necessary and explicit growth factors that help in tissue renewal and curing. The PRP is then taken from the body of the patient and is prepared expressly to a high concentration through spinning down the blood cells using a dedicated Medical PRP system. This system removes granulocytes that harm the tissue regeneration and injury healing.

PRP consists of special cells known as, Platelets that can cause the hair follicles to grow by motivating the stem and other cells in the micro setting of the hair follicle. These Platelet cells encourage healing and they speed up the rate and level of tissue curing and renewal, respond to wound and the creation of new cellular development. PRP is a safe procedure for treating the wounds on the skin and it has no side effect. It is a promising procedure to encourage hair growth.

Raas Aesthetic provides advance PRP treatment at lowest cost; it is a non-surgical procedure that offers the prospect for hair growth, for those who are not aspirants for surgery or for those who desire a non-surgical method of treatment.

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