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Renew peel

Renew peel

Renew peel is based on the advanced facial treatment, also known as a chemical peel, which smoothes and tightens your skin with the use of different ingredients including citric, glycolic and lactic acids. It completely peels off dull and rough skin and makes the skin smooth. It improves the range of skin concerns and improves the overall texture, complexion, and tone. It is also beneficial if you have darker skin with pigmentation changes.

Renew peel treatment has different options which include “superficial” in which combination of gentle but effective acids is applied to your face.  It enters the only outer epidermal layer and it exfoliating the surface of the skin. “Mid-level” in which chemical peel relies upon the stronger chemical such as glycolic acid and it enters the deeper layers of the skin. “Deep”  in which one-time deep chemical peel may be a very good option making an improvement in the appearance after healing and it takes longer than it usually does for medium or mild peel renewal.

Renew peel treatment is a 30-minute advanced facial treatment @Raas Aesthetic, which is carried out with a high-grade combination of ingredients which is citric, salicylic, glycolic and lactic acids. This facial treatment smoothens then uneven and rough skin and boosting the incorporation of further active products greatly and it leaves the skin, which looks and appears better.

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