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Micro and glycolic peel

Micro and glycolic peel

Micro and glycolic peel are similar in some ways; micro peel is a natural peel which is also known as microdermabrasion peel which is a mechanical peel. It uses a stream of diamond tip wand causing suction to gently exfoliate the skin. Glycolic peel attains and achieves the same effect but it uses milder and stronger acid solution. But these both don’t mix and match. They both resurface the procedure and exfoliate the skin. A glycolic peel is best, as they are insignificant and a phenol treatment.

Micro and glycolic peel are for face, neck hands, and back. It reduces the fine line under the eyes and around the mouth. They treat the wrinkles that are caused due to sun damage and aging. It improves the appearance of mild scars and certain types of acne. Improves the look and feel the skin. It will give your skin more youthful texture with a uniform coloration, which blends the untreated skin.

Micro peel polishes the skin and gives the superficial layer of skin and overall gives you fresh and healthy glowing skin. It is useful in treating dull skin and reduces mild acne and scaring.

At Raas Aesthetic, we provide 60-minute advance Micro and glycolic peel facial treatment that is again a mixture offering better results due to both treatments are used in balanced with each other. Micro accomplishes an exfoliation and cleans the skin surface and it helps the active component to peel infiltrate more deeply

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