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High frequency treatment

High frequency treatment

The high frequency treatment for hair is a kind of concentrated hair therapy to protect hair from dandruff, hair fall or alopecia, performed by treating the hair of the patient with high-frequency ultra and infra rays. This treatment is widely opt, it offers a faster solution to treat the hair-associated problems. High frequency treatment uses a tool that is similar to a translucent rod. It is used in diverse kinds of treatments.

High frequency treatment is painless and it except a mild irritation when the comb’s mouth touches the scalp. It plays a vital role in stimulating the growth of the damaged hair through the tool it uses. The tool functions as a hair development stimulator and it lessens the hazard of hair thinning. High frequency tool also perks up the blood circulation in the scalp region.

The high frequency treatment for hair offers patients a surplus of benefits that include;

  • It assists to produce new cells.
  • It exfoliates the growth of hair
  • It is capable of treating dandruff efficiently.
  • The treatment perks up the blood circulation.
  • The treatment offers a permanent solution for the itchy scalp
  • It offers a constant hair growth
  • Patients can observe the stopping of their hair fall gradually.

The high frequency treatment at Raas Aesthetic for hair is an ideal and safe way to treat all types of hair problems and it does not create any side effects. Besides treating different hair problems, the high frequency hair treatment stimulates the hair growth and prevents further hair fall.

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