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Hair Care

Hair Care

Hair loss is a widespread quandary reported in the current hectic lifestyle. As the causes of this problem vary between people, the treatments are recommended consistent with the real cause and the harshness of the problem. Whatever the cause and condition, an effective and affordable hair loss treatment is provided @Raas Aesthetic Clinic including Stem Cell Transplant, PRP Treatment, High Frequency Treatment, Laser Treatment & more.

Stem Cell Transplant: A hair stem cell transplant is a medical procedure to stimulate the hair re-growth, leaving a number of hair stem cells in the donor area. This procedure is also referred to as the HASCI technique, which does not eliminate the whole hair follicle. It is a painless treatment. Read More

PRP Treatment For Hair: The PRP for Hair Loss Treatment is a P

latelet Rich Plasma hair therapy that entails extracting the own blood of a patient, meting it out, so that only the developed cells stay behind, and instilling it into the scalp. This treatment consists of necessary proteins that kindle the natural hair growth. Read More

High Frequency Treatment for Hair: The high frequency treatment for hair is a kind of concentrated hair therapy to cure hair fall, dandruff, or alopecia, performed by treating the hair of the patient with high-frequency ultra and infra rays. Nowadays, this treatment is widely opt for because it offers a faster solution to treat the hair-associated problems. Read More

Laser Treatment for Hair Growth: The laser treatment for hair regrowth is a form of light therapy, offered to encourage the hair regrowth in patients, suffering from hair loss. In this treatment, a low level of light is used to treat the hereditary forms of hair loss, pattern balding or androgenetic alopecia. This treatment is now promoted as a safe substitute to other forms of hair loss treatments. Read More

Our team of professional caregivers specializes in providing personalized medical care, rehabilitative treatment and companion assistance.

Feel free to ask any questions over the phone, or get in touch via our contact form on the website. Your message will be dispatched directly to our expert staff who will answer all your queries.


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