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Face Lifting & Toning

Face Lifting & Toning

A face lifting is a kind of beauty surgery process that offers a more youthful facial look. It eliminates surface facial skin with or without tautening of the underlying tissues. Face-lift is effectively combined with the eyelid surgery, known as blepharoplasty. Facial toning is a kind of cosmetic procedure or physical treatment, that ensure to change the facial curves by increasing the muscle tone and the facial volume by endorsing muscular hypertrophy and averting muscles loss because of aging.

There is some of the most common used face-lift procedures include:

  • The Deep Plane Lift- It involves raising, relocating and releasing the external musculoaponeutotic system.
  • The SMAS Lift- this procedure influences the exterior top layers of the skin and the deeper tissues of the neck and face.
  • Short Scar Lift- It is an umbrella name for different face-lift, involving shortened scars.
  • The Mid Face or Cheek Lift- It targets the middle third part of the face of the patient. The incision is positioned inside the mouth and hairline of the patient. The surgery then raises and repositions the innate fatty layer above the patient’s cheekbones.

Facial toning can be offered using different treatment systems such as:

  • Classic- The non-surgical face-lift procedure is a unique blend of particular waveforms and ultra low frequency that act in synchronization with the individual bioelectrical field of the body.
  • Quantum- it enables customers to enjoy the double benefits of the non-surgical facelift procedure while getting the entire body toning experience.

Raas Aesthetic has alternative treatment available according to the needs of the customers.

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