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Arms, Thighs & Buttock Tucks

Arms, Thighs & Buttock Tucks

Arms, Thighs & Buttocks Tucks are performed to diminish the extra fats of the individuals through body contouring. This process changes the shape by removing the excess fat from arms, thighs & buttock. Body contouring refers to the processes that removes or reduce surplus fat and it also removes skin that is left after massive weight loss.

Arms are the most exposed part of the human body and people comes cross this problem of thick and baggy arms or lose curly skin or even combination of both. Arm tuck is referred to, as Brachioplasty , it is the process of eliminating the surplus and drooping skin of the arms by removing extra fat from them. It not only eliminates the drooping skin but it also restores the normal curves of the arms.

For many people their upper legs turns into challenging area while they age. Cellulite, fat cell, and surplus skin can build up on the thighs, which makes individual look heavier, older and less fit then they are. The skin of the thighs can made it tighter by making use of non-surgical procedure and it will satisfy patients and allow them to fit in their clothes.

The lateral buttocks may be tucked in the single session through non-surgical treatment using Radio Frequency treatment to bring the best results. Radio frequency heats the patient’s skin without harming it and break downs all the fatty cells and gives flexible and tone skin on your body.

There are some non-surgical treatments that are offered at Raas Aesthetic. We have the best suitable solution for drooping and shaping the shapeless arms that includes peels, derma pen and lasers. Lasers have the skill to plus up the texture and color of the skin and they have the ability to tighten the skin.

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